Dec 11, 2009

Friday Unlinking

It is a sad day in the medblogging world! Nurse K has pulled the plug on her blog again!

We can only assume that the illustrious Nurse K had renounced blogging out of shame! She had been promising to do a guest post for Doctor D for like a month now and never got around to doing it. Poor K! Her guilt at letting down Doctor D must have driven her to despair. And now she has closed her blog and assumed a life of quiet contemplation in order to do penance for her transgressions.

Nurse K, all is forgiven! I never really thought you'd do that guest post anyway. I knew the topic was too dull for your tastes! I forgive you the guest post you owe me. You are free to return from your seclusion. Your readers need you in these dark times!
Actually Nurse K is still cool, but her blog is down for the near future. She is missed, but Doctor D will keep her link on the sidebar, ready for her triumphant return. Until then you can get your dose of ER Crayzees at this site.

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