Jan 27, 2010

It Was Fun While It Lasted

Today is a sad day here at AskAnMD.

Doctor D was really excited about this new blog getting nominated for "Best Medical Weblog of 2009." Doctor D was doing his victory dance and playing "Eye of the Tiger" so loud the neighbors complained because he was totally gonna win that sucka.

Alas The Man over at Medgadget didn't think Doctor D's blog should be in the finals, thus all the AskAnMD fans that couldn't wait to vote it to victory were disenfranchised. Doctor D suspects The Man is dabbling in politics again since a lot of the finalist blogs in this category look like they were written by corporations or medical schools and are about as interesting as watching paint dry.

But never fear! The Man didn't totally succeed in exterminating personality in medblogging. Our dear friend Doctor Rob from Distractable Mind slipped into the finals!

So mosey on over there and vote for Dr. Rob early and often!

Is Doctor D encouraging you to vote more than once? Naw, you must have misunderstood that.

While you are over there be sure to support the beautiful work being done by WordDoc at Medical Moments in 55 Words for Best Literary Medical Weblog.

The real competition this year comes in Best Patient's Blog. Three of Doctor D's total favorites made the list: Queen of Optimism, ∞ itis, and RheumaBlog. Doctor D is so torn, because all those blogs are excellent! I might just have to vote for all of them.

Would Doctor D vote more than once? Of course not! You guys are totally misunderstanding me.

Have fun voting!

By the way, did you notice that Medgadged totally ignored medblogging nurses? WTF? Why is The Man always trying to hold the RNs down? Medical students too!

That's it! Doctor D has to set this right:
Tune in to this week's Friday Links to Vote for Doctor D's totally unofficial NurseBlog of the Year and MedStudentBlog of the Year awards!
Feel free to say sweet and comforting things in the comments to console Doctor D in his time of sorrow. Or you can just tell him to get over it and be a man, because its just some stupid contest and he isn't 8 years old!


Cate said...

sorry to hear... the other 2 blogs you linked to were so boring i couldn't even read them... my metabolism notes are more interesting :)

A Doc 2 Be said...

Sigh, and pre-med student blogs are not even listed. Seriously, where does it start?

Sorry your blog didn't make it. Mine didn't even make it into the "worthy to read" category.

HugeMD said...


I love Eye of the Tiger, too. Only I'd be too afraid to admit it on my blog. I'll post my weight on my blog, but not that... ;)

Josiah O. Morris said...

hahaha, I'm pleased with the fact that you also capitalise both words when referring to The Man.

I'd have voted for you, no question. Being excited over such a thing isn't at all silly. A little recognition should always be welcomed!

Doctor D said...

Okay Huge MD, now I must defend my coolness just a bit:

I've never voluntarily listened to "Eye of the Tiger." It just seemed like the right song for the post.

Doctor D had a high school football coach who played that in the locker room before every game. It didn't work then either. We got an ass whoopin' every Friday night.

Anonymous said...

I was totally shocked and dismayed to see that your blog had dropped off the list of contenders! I was really looking forward to voting for the true best medical weblog of 2009---yours. Ask An MD is always a revelation, always a help, and sometimes a belly laugh too.

Maha said...

The 'Man' can suck it! I think your blog rocks! And I prefer Hungry Like the Wolf :)

Queenof Optimism said...

There is no other Doctor/Medical blog that interests me as much as Ask an MD. It's what all of us as patients want to find when we search the web - real answers from a real doctor. Unlike some other doctor blogs, you don't ramble on about your "dumb" patients. That does no one any good and only furthers the divide between patients and doctors.

Your insights have had life changing results for me. Seriously. And, I'm with you, let's make our own awards/contest. Can I join you in this? You know how to reach me. ;)

DreamingTree said...

I second Maha's comment (including song choice...). Thanks for noting the way The Man is trying to suppress us blogging nurses. I'll be back to vote on Friday. Too bad Nurse K isn't blogging. Stickin' it to The Man...

Albinoblackbear said...

Where do I send the palm fronds, scantily clad women, figs, and fine wine to begin the persuasion campaign for your unofficial awards next week? :)

I had never even *heard* of those other blogs...the only one of the entire list that I read is Bongi's. Tsk tsk...clearly they don't have their finger on the pulse of medbloggers. (pun intended)

Doctor D said...

Actually Albinoblackbear, you have a unique advantage: you're both a nurse and a med student at the same time.

That has to count for something, but you can still send the kind offerings my way!

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Hey! I didn't get nominated for anything, so you're already way ahead of me! Good job.

Maha- and I agree with you. I'll take Duran Duran over Survivor in an 80's band match-up.

Aviva said...

Bummer that you didn't make the list of finalists, Dr. D! You and Dr. Rob are my favorite MD blogs. I guess at least now I don't have to worry about splitting my votes between the two of you ... :-)

Next year for sure, right?

And don't forget, it's always an honor just to be nominated! ;-)

Anonymous said...

fie on them, fie I say!
yours is one of the most readable blogs out there.

WarmSocks said...

I was very sorry to see that your blog wasn't listed as a finalist.

Sheldean125 said...

My mom has been having fevers for some time now and the fever mostly come at night time, also she get gold chills, vomits everything she eats, and she has rashes on her body that resembles eczema. We are in and out of the doctors and hospital with her, but no one has an answer

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