Sep 7, 2010

Vague Answers

A reader asks Doctor D:

“What should I do when my doctor’s answers are vague and useless?”
This patient was frustrated that every time she asked her doctor what to expect she got useless answers like “Maybe” or “That’s a great question!” or “I wish I knew” or other replies so vague as to offer no real answer at all.

So D the ever-helpful wrote her back:
Dear reader,

Great Question! I wish I knew. Maybe that’s just how doctors are?

Love always,
Doctor D.
"Admit it, bullshit answers feel so much better coming from a professional like me!"

You know, it's the prerogative to be a heartless bastard that really makes all those years of medical school worth it!
Okay, so Doctor D isn't really that much of a jerk.

In fact, he's starting a series on How To Get A Straight Answer From A Doctor.

Tune in tomorrow for the real answer!

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