Oct 8, 2010

Break A Leg!

No insightful answers this week!

Little D got a leg fracture from over-rambunctiousness, so I've had no time to craft a good post for you guys. Sorry!

"But jumping off the furniture is fun, Daddy!"

Perhaps it's working extra shifts at the hospital and taking care of a fussy toddler on narcotics, but I've posted some kind of harsh responses to some comments recently:
After a very strange tour around the Anorexia blogsphere I posted a very "getyourshittogether" reply to poor JadedChalice's cry for help in last week's comments.

Then I posted an indignant response to indignant accusations that I excuse bad doctoring. Excuse me? Anonymous, you picked the wrong week to mess with Doctor D!
As you can see Doctor D is in no condition to provide any sage wisdom right now. Hopefully next week when he hasn't been up all night with a miserable 2 year-old D will get back to answering your questions brilliantly!

Perhaps some of you could undo the damage of Doctor D's brutal Tough Love Campaign by going back and providing some kinder and gentler responses to JadedChalice and my Anonymous admirer?

You guys are awesome!


Grumpy, M.D. said...

Sorry, D. Hope little d feels better soon.

Pissed Off Patient said...

Hope your son feels better soon! Here's to better days to come.


Pissed Off Patient said...

Actually I don't think your comments were that bad. Don't be too hard on yourself.

My grandfather was a banker. Never a rich one though. Why? He was a whistleblower on fraud and thievery within the banking system. He had a terrible time finding work.

Doing the right thing often means being punished. You can't win for losing.


Amanda said...

Aw dude, the poor little kid!! And the poor parents!!

I feel for ya.

Anonymous said...

I'm not JadedChalice but are you sure you were not reading my mind when you said:

"I am brilliant and different, and my pain is unique. No one is qualified enough to help me."

Smart and mentally ill isnt easy. The trap of feeling unknowable and broken beyond repair is a hard one to avoid.

I dont think you were overly harsh. I do hope your comment helped her see obtainable help.

Also - hope little D heals quickly and you get support and rest in your time of sick toddler caretaking.

Maha said...

Wishing for a speedy recovery for Little D and for you to get some well deserved rest!

Aviva said...

Poor Little D! I hope he's feeling better FAST so his parents can feel better too! My daughter, Ellie, got her first dislocated elbow at about 18 months and at first we were sure she'd broken her wrist. (Hey, it looked swollen and that's where she was clutching and pointed to when we asked where it hurt!) They did x-rays and boy was it fascinating to see a toddler's wrist and elbow. Totally unrecognizable as far as we were concerned. Lots of empty space with a few teensy bones. (For those who haven't experienced this, apparently kids' joints are mostly cartilege until they're about 5.)

Hang in there, Doctor D. I know it's hard to see our little ones hurting!

Aiko said...

Poor little kid. :|

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