Mar 1, 2011

Is It March Already?

How did it get to be March so quickly? Apparently, in his hiatus post Dr. D said he'd be back before the end of February. Oops!

But wait! I have an excuse:
During his hiatus Doctor D found himself on the other side of the exam room. Yes, D managed to destroy most of the bones in his leg and became an orthopedic patient!

I'll have a full report for you soon, but for now I can tell you that Dr. D's skeleton has been reinforced with Titanium and he is considering changing careers to become a bionic superhero.
Never fear, readers! Doctor D didn't forget his Clinic of Doctor-Patient Relational Awesomeness! So be mellow and keep the questions coming!

I'll have an awesome post for you to read by this time next week, and Tracy will make sure I keep my word!


tracy said...

Oh, in RED!

So very sorry about your accident, hoping you are well on the mend. Please take good care of yourself, okay?

"Lady in Red" ;)

Anonymous said...

You're back - WOOHOO! The leg. That really, really sucks. Hooray for some really, really expensive hardware that you are now sporting in your leg... Big thumbs down to the pain you have endured. :-(

Anonymous said...

Dang, sorry about your leg. Please fill us in on what happened. So glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back but sorry to hear about your leg. Yes, please post all the details. What was it like to be on the other side of the stethoscope?

Aviva said...

Yowch! So sorry to hear you got hurt and needed surgery! Hope you're healing well, and I look forward to reading about your experiences on the patient side of things!

Anonymous said...

Rotten luck - sounds, well, I'll be honest this sounds truly horrible. Bone crackingly horrible. I hope everything heals up fast and well.

Anonymous said...

Ah...that sucks! I'm sorry :(. Hoping the metal hardware will have you back to as good as new eventually, or at least that you can learn to gracefully adapt. Or just be angry as needed :).

On an upside I've had two heart surgeries since I last posted and here's hoping my breathing problem is fixed for a good many years (yes I'm still in my early 30s). So I can relate..sort of. Orthopedic problems suck because they have to do with things like walking....kind of essential.

I was wondering what happened because it's almost Lent again and was wondering if you were going on another hiatus.


P.S. My word verification was psymends.

shrtstormtrooper said...

I'm only impressed if you're reinforced with Adamantium. Good to see you back.

Linda said...

Glad you're coming back and didn't give up blogging for Christmas and then Lent.

Does that mean everyone in your family has had a broken leg in the last few months? It seems like you need to come up with some better family-bonding techniques.

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