Aug 12, 2011

Welcome NYT Readers!

Welcome to everyone who came from the link in New York Times Health section!

Feel free to look around The Clinic of Doctor-Patient Relational Awesomeness.

You can subscribe to the feed or email Dr. D, but Doctor D has been a bit slow of late on posting new content and answering emails so don't hold your breath.

The best way to enjoy the delicious goodness of AskAnMD would be to check out Dr. D's Best Answers page.

Have fun!


A Doc 2 Be said...

Grats on mention!

Old MD Girl said...

Holy crap! I saw it but didn't click before (stupid 20 article limit). Nice work!

Usmle said...

Marvelous post. I really like it.

Fabbia said...

NYT article? Doc, you should get back to blogging, it's tough at first, but eventually most of us find joy in it!

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