Dec 5, 2011

AskAnMD is Hibernating

Okay, it's time for the standard apology:
Doctor D has been remiss in his blogging duties. 

Yes, I over-committed himself to multiple projects and AskAnMD faltered just as it was achieving greatness. I see no point in the near future in which I can invest the time in this blog that I once did.  I enjoyed blogging as "Doctor D" but for now I have to put this thing on ice:
AskAnMD is going into hibernation.  
 I may post a 3 or 4 answers a year, but I'm not sure when or if it will ever return to regular posting.  

"No blogging today.  Tomorrow doesn't look good either."

I'm still checking email and still getting a ton of it, but I can't guarantee an answer.  (PS: Although you should already know better than to email your symptoms to an anonymous blogger asking for a diagnosis, let me remind you again: Don't go there!)

The archives still getting hundreds of hits a day and lots of comments.  If you haven't looked around the AskAnMD Archives you may find a lot of useful and fun stuff. 

I'm also still tweeting since it requires zero time commitment.  You can always drop by Doctor D's Twitter and we'll have a 140 character conversation. 

Thanks for making this blog such an awesome conversation.  See you around.

   -Doctor D

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