Who is Doctor D?

Doctor D is a real Family Practice doctor who has been practicing for a while. He has practiced in clinics, hospitals, and emergency rooms. He has delivered babies and treated people over 100 years old. He has saved lives and he treated the dying. He has been some patients' favorite doctor and some people who have seen him hate his guts. He has done some brilliant care and he has made mistakes.

Doctor D knows his way around the healthcare system.

Most doctors could say this. What makes Doctor D unusual is that he never lost that sense he felt when he first visited a hospital. What a bizarre place it was! The weirdness of the healthcare system has never ceased to amaze Doctor D. Watching patients struggle through this labyrinth of doctors, diagnoses, tests, nurses, treatments, hospitals surrounded by doctors and nurses who act like all of this is normal and talk to them in medical pseudo-Latin would be funny if it wasn't so sad!

Doctor D's favorite part of his job has never been procedures, diagnosis, or treatments—it is educating his patients in how to take care of their bodies while navigating the healthcare system without losing their minds.

Doctor D started this blog to assist more people through the insane world of healthcare. You can use him as the relational counselor for your doctor-patient relationship.

Got a question? Ask the MD!