Aug 12, 2009

Can you help me with my Doctor-Patient Relationship?

Yes! That's actually why I started this blog.

Think of me as the relational therapist for your doctor-patient relationship! Heck, you can use me as your counselor for your relationship with the medical system in general. Doctor-patient relationships can be full of miscommunication, mistrust, unspoken expectations, and emotional baggage from past relationships. This kind of stuff dooms romances all the time, but when it messes up your medical care it might significantly damage your health.

To make things worse a lot of doctor-patient relationships are arranged marriages (by insurance companies) or random couplings (the doctor that is on-call the day you need care). You may prefer to stay single, but sooner or later you'll need one of those jerk doctors and Boom! are in a relationship. As Doctor D's wife can attest, relationships with doctors can be tricky!

While he is an excellent physician, Doctor D cannot be your personal physician over the Internet. Long distance relationships just don't work out for him. But he is offering to be that guy that understands both you and your significant other and gives some sage advice.

Is Doctor D doing this out of the goodness of his heart or because he is a glutton for punishment? He doesn't know either. Perhaps Doctor D should see a therapist about this, but until then send in those questions!

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