Aug 7, 2009

Okay I'll Ask Some Questions

No one is asking questions! But that is probably because you don't know this blog exists yet, so your lack of participation is forgiven.

I will start by asking questions I know you're wanting to ask...


Anonymous said...


I am interested in becoming a doctor in Canada.
I'm wondering the process that I need to go through. Do I take an Undergraduate for 4 years and then go to Med school for 4 years? If you could help me I would be very grateful. I know that this may be a site for people with bodily problems but I am very interested in the process that i need to take.

J. S.

Doctor D said...


I'll answer here in the comments. (By the way, you can always email me questions--see the link on the right side)

I don't know much about the Canadian system. I trained and practice in the US. It is my understanding that the system there is somewhat similar: 4 years undergrad then 4 years medical school then Residency training which varies depending on what sort of doctor you plan to become.

Your best definitive blogger for Canadian care is Dr. Ottematic. She is a Family Medicine Resident in Canada. Her website is:

Medicine is a long road, but a noble profession despite all its flaws. Only go there if you are certain it is your calling, but if it is you then go for it.

PS: I love questions for students so if you have more feel free to email me.

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