Aug 12, 2009

How Could Diets Cause Obesity?

Diets with "results" make you drop pounds quickly, which is not always a good thing. Human bodies have very strong instincts to prevent death from starvation. Throughout the ages these instincts have saved a lot of lives. Now for the first time in history lots of people are dying due to obesity. Your instincts weren't designed to save you from fat.

So what happens when you go on one of these diets? All those amazing diet plans you hear about cause your body to dip into it's fat reserves. This triggers some very powerful survival reflexes. Your body drops its metabolic rate drastically. Your mind unconsciously scans your environment for high-calorie foods to save you from starvation. Your body starts finding shortcuts to avoid burning calories. All this is great if you really are trying to survive a famine, but not so good for dieters.

Think of these instincts like a hibernating angry bear. Don't waking up that bear!

Most of us cannot realistically stay on these crash diets the rest of our lives, but the starvation defense mechanisms keep running strong long after the diet is over—sometimes for the rest of you life. It is only the very rare patient I've seen keep their new low weight. A vast majority rise far above their pre-diet weight in a few years. They might have liked how they looked for a trip to the beach, but their overall health ends up much worse, which often pushes them to even more drastic diets. What may have started as a mildly overweight person ends up morbidly obese over a couple diets.

Doctor D has seen it over and over again, so consider yourself warned!

Sorry to ruin your hopes of becoming a swimsuit model, but those dieting books and quick weight loss shows will make you miserable in the end.

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