Sep 25, 2009

Query for Questions (Friday Links)

First of all, thanks to everyone sending in all the great questions. Doctor D has some really interesting questions to discuss over the next several weeks.

Thus far, all the questions on this blog have been from patients. To understand the view from the patient side of the exam room Doctor D is reading some great patient blogs like Queen of Optimism, ∞-itis, and Neo-Conduit.

But Doctor D thought he would use this Friday Links to suggest a few other types of questions he would love to answer:

Dr. D: “Who spends even more time with doctors than patients and often wonders, 'WTF is wrong with these MDs?'”

Student in back raises hand: “Nurses!”

Dr. D: “Right! Nurses have to take crap from annoying doctors all day long! They must have questions about doctors eating at them! Doctor D would love some questions from nurses. He promises not to ignore their questions like the other MD pricks. Hear that, Nurse K? Let Doctor D have it!”
So Doctor D's first Friday Link is a nursing blog. With Nurse K on hiatus, D had to find a new favorite nurse in the blogsphere. Doctor D is really enjoying The Lonely Midwife. D has a special place in his heart for midwifery since a midwife delivered his kid, Little D. Lonely Midwife just passed her boards so go on over there and congratulate her!
Dr. D: “Okay, next question. Who else has lots of questions they're just dying to ask doctors?”

Students shuffle feet and look at the floor.

Dr. D: “Come on! You know this one!”

Students sheepishly avoid eye contact.

Dr D:Medical Students! You guys are working yourselves ragged trying to become Doctors. I know you've got some wacky doctoring questions you can't ask your attendings. This is your chance to pimp an attending! Doctor D stands ready to assist weary students walking the long road he has traveled before.”
This leads D to our second Friday Link, a really great med student blog he recommends: Journey to MD... and Beyond. Ella must be a frick'n genius to have time to blog during medical school, but we are all the better off for her excellent insights! Doctor D could have never kept up a great blog like that in med school.
Doctor D still loves questions from patients too! He just thought it would be fun to sprinkle a little variety in the questions.

Remember Doctor D doesn't do diagnosis or treatment over the web. But questions about doctors' brains, doctors' mistakes, doctors' behavior, doctors' lives, etc. are all fair game. So keep the questions rolling in!

You can also send your questions to Doctor D via Twitter.
Doctor D also links to great med-blog posts on his Twitter Feed.


Nurse K said...

How do doctors deal with colleagues (other doctors) that they know are incompetent (at least in certain situations)? Keep your mouth shut? Frank discussion with the medical director? Anonymous letter? "None of my business?"

Maybe your colleague never does a proper exam. Maybe he disappears and lets charts/work stack up. Maybe he misses obvious diagnoses and nurses are complaining to YOU. Maybe he thinks profound DKAeurs should only get IVFs at 100 cc/hr or never really puts in central lines on shocky people...

Doctor D said...

Thanks K! I'm on it! Perhaps I can do some incompetent care for the next several months as an experiment to see how other doctors react!

Perhaps a wiser thing to do would be reflect on the incompetent doctors I've known and post a response to you soon. I'll get right to it.

-Doctor D


Thank you for linking my blog :) I was very surprised to see this. I do enjoy your blog and its honesty and view points.

WarmSocks said...

Thank you for the link.
Looking forward to the new questions you get.

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