Sep 18, 2009

Writes and Responsibilities (Friday Links)

So last week we started a new feature on Ask An MD: Doctor D's Friday Links!

  • This week Doctor D will point you to a blogger many of you already know: White Coat. Doctor D was late to the party, just discovering this blog recently. White Coat is an ER doctor and an incredibly eloquent writer. He tells the stories of ER patients so poignantly that even crusty Doctor D is moved. For an example of one of his better posts read A Broken Heart. If Doctor D could clone the perfect medblogger he would combine White Coat's literary skill with Nurse K's comic genius. (If such a super blogger existed, however, Doctor D might just have to quit blogging out of shame at his clumsy prose.)
  • This week was also Invisible Illness Week. Lots of bloggers with illnesses posted some excellent posts about living with illness. Good reading for all of us in healthcare! One that particular stood out in Doctor D's mind was a post by Kerri at Six Until Me. Type I Diabetes is a particularly difficult invisible disease. Doctor D can think of no other condition in which patients are required to work harder to manage their own disease. Kerri video blogs herself during an hypoglycemic episode, a courageous move for those who know how miserable hypoglycemia can be.
  • Over at the typically subdued Kevin MD there was very controversial post: Patient's Bill of Responsibilities. It was posted by an MD who sounds like she has been hurt and disappointed by a lot of patients. She asks the world of her patients. Doctor D could never demand his patients be like that. But an interesting question comes to mind: What should doctors reasonably expect from their patients? A lot of intelligent patients and docs read this blog. Doctor D would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.
  • Lastly, Doctor D wants to thank Dr. Grumpy again for his brilliant and witty consult this week!
Doctor D be back to answer more questions soon.


PhillyGirlDownUnder said...

Here's a great article about "how to be the perfect patient" -

I think it's quite reasonable for doctors to expect their patients to do all of these things. Just a note - because it's Australia, we don't have to deal with the health insurance issue the way Americans do... Thank goodness!

Doctor D said...

Just to make it easier here is PhillyGirlDownUnder's link:

How to be the perfect patient

Anonymous said...

The Patient's Bill of Responsibilities was a bit puzzling. Some of the things she advocates aren't even possible under the current convoluted system - ie understanding costs. Most of the time you can't get anyone to quote a price. When my MRI was done, no price was available beforehand. But as I walked out, they flagged me down. They'd run my insurance, had an estimate on my portion of the cost, and wanted me to pay the balance right then.

Different doctors expect different things from their patients. Read one list, try to implement it, and find that those recommendations drive another doctor crazy. Individual doctors who have a preference could make their own list and post in their waiting rooms so that their patients know what's expected at that practice.

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