Sep 11, 2009

Should I Have My PSA Checked? (Friday Links)

Okay so no one sent in this question, but a lot of people have asked Doctor D over the years.

Doctor D is using this question to introduce a new feature of "Ask An MD" Friday Links!
There are a lot of great medical blogs by patients, doctors, nurses, and med students , so each Friday Doctor D is going to share some interesting reading from the medical blogsphere with you. I'm still answering a couple reader questions each week so keep emailing them in.
Should I have my PSA checked?
Tricky question! Unfortunately the answer isn't as simple as "Yes" or "No" and there are a lot complicated issues in healthcare tied into the controversy surrounding this simple blood test.

Doctor D wouldn't be brave enough to tackle that question, but Doctor Rob (at Musings Of A Distractable Mind) wrote a fascinating piece on the business of prostate care. The debate in the comments is where it really gets interesting.

Read it Here: An Intuitive Reasoning For Rising Health Care Costs

On a side note: It is a sad day for the medical blogsphere. Nurse K has temporarily closed her blog. She says this is a temporary hiatus. Hopefully she will be back soon, but you can still get a taste of her thoughts on Twitter. Nurse K is the funniest, toughest, most wise-ass ER Nurse on the planet and her blog was always a joy to read. I'm sure the Happy Hospitalist will cry himself to sleep every night until Nurse K is back.

Did you read (or write) a great medical blogging this week? Post the links in the comments!

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