Oct 15, 2009

Doctor D's Disappearing Act

Just to let you know, I am out of town on vacation and I probably won't be answering posting any answers to reader questions for the next week. Doctor D still loves you, but he is really enjoying his family and his rest right now.

But you can still email Doctor D because he loves getting questions from readers and he'll be back to answering questions a soon as he returns. If you want to get the word about Doctor D's return when it happens you can sign on to the Ask An MD Feed or you can follow Doctor D on Twitter. (I will probably Twitter daily even when on vacation.)

I'll still be able to give you some Friday Links tomorrow.


WarmSocks said...

Enjoy your vacation.

Doctor D said...

Thanks WarmSocks!

Nurse K said...

Have fun; you riding your unicorn there?

Doctor D said...

As a Family Medicine guy, in addition to unicorns, I love sunsets, puppies, happy endings, or anything else sweet, cuddly, or magical!

Actually not all Family Medicine doctors are mushy puddles of sentimentality... just most of us.

queenofoptimism said...

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation! Not all patients want doctors who are muchy puddles of sentimentality...just most of us. Thanks for all you do.

The Happy Hospitalist said...

For the future, telling the world you're going to be out of town is a perfect opportunity for thieves and burglars to make themselves at home in your home. There have been many articles about not telling the social world when you'll be out of town and why you should only tell them after you've come back.

For example I just recently got back from a week at Disney Wold but you wouldn't know that because I didn't tell you. Perhaps I'll post a picture or two for you to enjoy.

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