Oct 30, 2009

ER Nursing Blogs (Friday Linkages)

Doctor D actually works in an Emergency Room, but he only rarely tells fun ER stories. He prefers leaving the wild and crayzee emergency stories to the professionals. Nurses always have the best emergency room stories.

With Nurse K still on blogging hiatus the world is a little less fun, but fortunately Doctor D as a little ER joy to share. He has found two ER nurse blogs that never cease to make him smile:

  • Nurse Lee is a newcomer to medblogging who blogs at Life in the ER. Doctor D found her when he came across this post and has been enjoying her ever since. She can be a bit silly, and Doctor D has no idea whats up with the glamor shot with a gasmask profile picture. Perhaps her way of preventing airborne illnesses? You should go check Nurse Lee out.
  • Another great ER nurseblogger is Tex over at Weird Nursing Tales. He has been serving up wildness from the ER since 2007.
Of course, neither Tex or Lee could ever replace good old Nurse K, but reading them will definitely help scratch that ER story itch until K makes her triumphant return.
You can also hang around here with Doctor D (who isn't nearly as funny) to hear more next week about how silly the 1 to 10 painscale is, and to get your doctoring questions answered.


MLee said...

Ah... the gas-mask pic... It is related to a running joke from a website that I use to have. One day a friend sent it to me because they thought it was me. Apparently, I had made a wise crack that I would make more money dressed as a dominatrix and that I would just wear a gas mask because my theory was that insanity was airborne. Well a few days later, they came across that picture and had thought that I had taken a few self portraits. (One of my hobbies is photography) The joke has just spread, the picture along with other that I would dare not post:), have ended up in my email box, on my locker, on my windshield, and everywhere else. So, that is why I just use it as my profile pic:) Now, I wish I was that good looking, if you get drunk and squint, I look just like her.
Thanks for the linkage. I am a silly person, I Have more fun laughing at myself (and others) than getting too ticked at some of the idiots and flyer's.

Nurse K said...

Blogging hiatus, whatchu talking about? I'm back! New blog post up ;-)

Doctor D said...

Wow, it appears that my Friday links have super powers to resurrect dead blogs. First Ella the medstudent then Nurse K!

Doctor D's god complex is growing!

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