Oct 16, 2009

The Instinct To Link (Friday Links)

Since he is on vacation this week, Doctor D hasn't been keeping up with the world of Medblogging, but he does have some links for you:

You can still get your Doctor D fix because he did a Psyche Consult, so you can read his guest-posts over at the Reality of Anxiety Blog!

The first post Stress and The Survival Instinct explains the nature of stress instincts, and the second post on Anxiety Management explains how to take control of the stress instinct.
"For your hunter-gather ancestors violence and danger may have been around every corner, but you do your hunting and gathering at the local grocery with laws in place and police nearby to stop most violence. So why are the safest human beings in history always so stressed?"
Readers of this blog know D loves discussing how instincts that worked well in in the past cause a lot of poof health today from obesity to avoiding exercise. Doctor D hopes that understanding our instincts will lead to healthier living.
What do you think? Do you live better when you understand your body better? Or does understanding that certain instincts like stress instinct and eating instincts are hard wired make them harder to resist?
Doctor D will be returning home late next week after his stress-free vacation and he'll be posting some answers to your questions again soon after.

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Spark Star said...

I think If i know my body better, it motivates me. Cuz If I know what the exact problem is, I can concentrate on that issue and find a solution to that.

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