Nov 6, 2009

Patient Eduction (Friday Links)

Doctor D's recent Friday Links have focused on healthcare providers. It is good for patients to hear what doctors and nurses are saying. Conversely it is useful for those of us in medicine to listen to the voices of patients. So today I bring you two patient blogs that Doctor D never misses.

These are patients who write only about one illness: their own.
  • itis: WarmSocks blogs about living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. She was the first blogger who found AskAnMD and sent encouraging emails and a link from her site. I was hesitant to feature her on Friday Links because most readers don't have RA and therefore might not be interested, but the more I read of WarmSocks' practical advice, insight, and humor the more I realize that she is useful for just about anyone who is interested in medical care.
  • Neo-Conduit: Even some medical people (like Doctor D) don't know much about a Urinary Diversion, but this blogger's courage after years of difficulty in the medical system is to be admired. She has some understandable frustration with medical folks, but her perspective is worth listening to. Her observations about patient suffering and frustrations are a insightful and never angry. She is on Doctor D's "must read" list every day.
For some other great patient blogs check out the "patient bloggers" section on the sidebar. And if you follow Doctor D's Friday Links for the physician perspectives you should definitely go over to Dr. Rob's site and read Top Ten Ways To Annoy Your Doctor.
Doctor D will be back soon to answer your questions and with a special post with Nurse K! Stay Tuned!


WarmSocks said...

Thank you for the link and your kind words.


My gosh what a shock seeing a pic of myself on here lol. Thank you also, I enjoy and also check on your blog when I am logged in, as it is refreshing, empathetic, and wise;)

Doctor D said...

Thank you WarmSocks and Neo! It's patient bloggers like you that make doctor blogging fun.

Louis de Pointe du Lac said...

I'd be more than happy to pay my co-pay for a telephone consultation with my Primary Care. More convenient/efficient for her *and* for me. A win/win, hands *down*, no question, no hesitation. Very seriously, I'd be glad to do so. Wish my HMO allowed it. Fortunately, they *do* have EMR, and do post some test results that way; also I have the ability to email her (which at least allows her to respond to non-urgent inquiries at her convenience instead of my interrupting her etc.). At least it's headed in the right direction, but I still feel like I'm 'cheating' her out of a copay when I have too many questions (I'm an annoyingly 'needy' patient).

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