Nov 20, 2009

Psycho-Analysis (Friday Links)

It's Friday and Doctor D has a fun semi-medical blog for your reading pleasure:

This very enjoyable blog is the product of an academic psychiatrist. Unlike most MD bloggers he doesn't discuss his patients or his practice much at all. Instead he caustically analyzes cultural phenomena from parenting to medical bullshit, teenagers to television (for all you Don Draper fans).

Despite the long posts and the obtrusive presence of Happiesque ads, Doctor D has been reading Last Psychiatrist most of the night, and this guy never gets dull! He diagnoses nearly everyone with Narcissism and warns about the danger, but never has a self-righteous Jeremiad against selfishness been so much fun! Seriously, this dude ranks 8 of 10 on a blog funscale (with Dr. Grumpy as a 9 and Nurse K as perfect 10)!

A taste of Last Psychiatrist:
Pop culture controls you even if you think you're separate from it. It is everywhere, from the clothes you wear to the language you use to the way you think. It is a viral pandemic that masks infection by pretending to be part of you. There's no cure.

"No way, I'm not getting infected, I'm not exposing myself to all that trash. I'm going to think for myself."

That's the virus talking.
Is the Last Psychiatrist a brilliant modern prophet or perhaps a closet narcissist himself who gets off on critiquing his readers? Doctor D isn't sure yet and isn't sure if he cares. Right now I'm just enjoying the ride.
Take a look at Last Psychiatrist and let me know what you think: Is this blogger a genius or a mad psychiatrist?


Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me on to The Last Psychiatrist.

Nurse K said...

You should have Last Psychiatrist read Happy so my and my brother's "Is he a narcissist or autistic" debate can be settled.

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